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Fly Wheel Transport provides sweet water supply tanker services, swimming pool filling, salt water, sewage & waste water collection, dewatering, transportation of goods with flatbed and lowbed trailers. 

Sweet Water Supply Tankers

Sweet water Tanker 10000 gallons

We provide sweet water supply tankers to construction sites, swimming pools filling, camps and other places. We do urgent delivery within one hour.

Sweet Water Supply Tanker  delivery only in Dubai.

Our sweet water supply tankers are readily available in case DEWA water shutdown.

Our transport fleet consist fleet of vehicles working 24 hours a day.

We fill water only from approved filling stations.

All our tankers contains long hose up to 100 meters.

No contracts or pre-booking required. Our tankers are just a call away.  

We can fill water in basement tanks of building or up to 4th floor of any building Sweet Water Tanker supply

Water Tankers of Different Capacities Available

1,000 Gallons 

2,500 Gallons 

5,000 Gallons 

10,000 Gallons 

Salt Water

Salt Water tanker Services in Dubai

We supply salt water by tankers to construction sites.

Salt water is used for spraying on the sand for making the way for vehicles, machines etc.

Salt water is used for saving the cost, when the water is just sprayed over the sand. 

For sand compaction, pipeline laying or for making vehicle route through sand.

Our tankers have hose up to 100 meters; no worries for going near the sand and getting stuck.

Waste Water

Sewage water tanker services

We remove water from swimming pools, swimming pool emptying.

Sewage water from large camps, warehouses.

Grease trap cleaning.

Drainage line block opening.

Main water tank emptying.

Dewatering tank emptying.

Chiller flushed water removal. 

Flatbed Trailer

Flatbed Trailer

We provide flatbed trailers on hire for shifting of goods/materials/loads within the UAE.

Out transport has 40 feet trailer.

We do transportation of any kind of heavy and wide load. 

Portacabin shifting with RTA permission arranged by us. 

Lowbed Trailer

Lowbed Trailer

We do transportation for loads of more width or height.

Transportation of abnormal loads. 

Transportation of machineries, cranes, excavators, manlift,  wheel loader, bulldozer, etc.

All our drivers are well experienced with abnormal load transportation. 

About Us

Fly Wheel Transport is based in Dubai, providing transportation of water, machineries, goods, or any kind of load.

We provide all our services at the lowest rates possible.

We have many reputed clients. Our fleet consists of different vehicles like water tankers, flatbed trailers, lowbed trailers. 

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